Our official mobile app is Oleapark

In case you haven't had the chance to use our website with your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, our website is responsive and scales beautifully. If you're able to roam, we'd encourage you to consult our website for the latest schedule information. One limitation of our website though, is our ability to reach you. It's not quite as interactive as an experience as we would like.

Rather than spend time and resources developing our own app, we've teamed up with Berlin-based startup, Oleapark.

OleaPark Screenshot

Each new event you attend doesn't need a separate app. Instead each event in OleaPark exists within a context called a "badge". When you're in a particular context (or have a badge displayed), you receive push notifications for that event, and can interact in a number of other ways.

Not only can we send you push notifications to keep you up-to-date with any schedule changes or new siesta-break activities, you can also use OleaPark to find other participants that you might be interested in meeting. OleaPark can even show you others with similar interests, based on Twitter and other social network data.

Signup and get your badge.

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