Learn how to code at our Beginners' Workshop

You want to learn how to code?

Perfect! Rails Girls Berlin and eurucamp want to teach you how. That's why they're organizing a great beginners' workshop together this Friday, August 17th.

Rails Girls Berlin aims to help girls and women to get the tools they need to build their ideas and projects. To do that, they organize regular workshops where you learn designing, prototyping and coding with the help of their wonderful coaches.

See what we've planned for you this Friday on the schedule page We want you to have fun learning and to feel comfortable asking any question you may have. That's why we'll form small groups with one or two coaches. Looks interesting, doesn't it?

To apply

Then apply to attend the workshop: it's very easy, just fill in the form including your motivation to learn. You'll also have to answer some short questions about your skills, but don't worry, it's only to form the groups.

Women first. But open for everyone.

You might think "hey, if it's organized by Rails Girls Berlin, can only women apply?" Well, this time around we go with the motto "women first, not women only". That means, we will accept some men too, if they're highly motivated.

Get to know others

Also, since this workshop is organized at eurucamp, you'll have the chance to get to know some more experienced developers too and to share ideas and experiences with them. That could be your first insight into the Rails Community.

We're so excited to get into Ruby and Rails with you and cannot wait to see you at the workshop!