Announcing our Workshops

Check out our advanced workshops.

From the beginning, eurucamp has wanted to be a hands-on kind of experience. We're located out in nature, with a schedule that'll let us check explore the waters and woods of Berlin. There's a fishbowl discussion, in which anyone can jump in and take the conversation in a different direction. And, of course, there are the workshops for both beginners and advanced developers.

Beginners' Workshops

We're excited to partner with RailsGirls to provide introductions to Ruby and programming. For more information, see here.

Advanced Workshops

For the experienced Rubyist, we have a number of very exciting options lined up. If you can join us for Friday, take a look at these:

  • Debugging with Rubinius: Dirkjan Bussink will show how Rubinius can allow you to debug elegantly.
  • Rails Routing: Matt Patterson will guide us through the intricacies of how Rails turns HTTP requests into controller invocations.
  • Single Page Applications with CoffeeScript: Andrzej Krzywda will illustrate how to be proud of our frontend code.
  • Using Joosy: Dirk Holzapfel and Sebastian Burkhart will give a hands-on introduction to Joosy, the browser application framework based on Rails and CoffeeScript.
  • Maintainable CSS with SASS, even in large projects: Florian Plank will show us the tools for refactoring, structuring and creating better stylesheets.

The detailed schedule for Friday will be coming out soon.