Announcing our Schedule

Our schedule for main sessions is now online! We're excited.

Over the last few months, we've been working hard to put together the best conference the wilderness near Berlin has ever seen. Personally, I think we've succeeded – judge for yourself.

  • Steve Klabnik of Hackety Hack fame will be giving our keynote Friday night on Development and Philosophy.
  • Lunch Saturday is five hours long – take a boat out on the water, hike or bike around the lakeshore, hit up a brewery or take a nap. The venue is an amazing piece of nature, and it's all yours to enjoy with your fellow eurucampers.
  • Sunday morning there'll be a Fishbowl Discussion, giving everyone a chance to take part in a wide-ranging, eclectic group conversation.
  • And that's in addition to our talks: a wide and talented group of 18 speakers, talking on subjects as diverse as multiple languages in Rubinius, RubyMotion, dependency injection, Rails engines, concurrency, complex calculation, the love it takes to be a developer, and and a lot more.

Take a look at our schedule page for the full details!