Here it is… Our second round of speakers

Last week we announced our first round of speakers, and today we're excited to announce the second round of our lineup.

One of the decisions we made early on was offering not only a 30 min. slots for talks, but also shorter 15 min. slots, which would allow us to introduce more topics and speakers you'd otherwise be able to fit into a two-day conference. We think the results speak for themselves – eurucamp will have large number of talks across a variety of interesting topics, with speakers from a wide range of (Ruby-related) backgrounds. We'll be announcing a detailed schedule in the near future, and you'll be able see how all of this has come together.

So, the next group of speakers:

  • Chris Berkhout (@chrisberkhout): a programmer from Melbourne, Australia, language enthusiast, and rock climber.
  • Dominik Bamberger (@bamb00zzle): creator of open-source tools like Pullerman and git-review and martial arts expert (and instructor).
  • Florian R. Hanke (@hanke): CTO at Technology Astronauts, scientist, world traveler.
  • Isaac Wolkerstorfer (@agnoster): CTO at 6Wunderkinder, deep thinker, and scavenger hunt enthusiast.
  • Jana Vogel (@janacharlotte): a Berlin based freelance webdeveloper, a Padrino developer who enjoys developing great frontends.
  • Lourens Naudé (@methodmissing): consultant from sunny Madeira Island and ZeroMQ specialist.
  • Mike Burns (@mikeburns): head of thoughtbot's European branch, Haskell enthusiast, and Unix historian.
  • Pablo Astigarraga (@poteland): software developer at Cubox, [not so] retired rockstar, kung fu guy.
  • Piotr Solnica (@_solnic_): DataMapper core team member, blogger, Rubyist at Code Benders
  • Piotr Szotkowski (@chastell): assistant professor at Warsaw University of Technology, a Ruby developer at Rebased and an alumnus of Mendicant University.
  • Sebastian Burkhard (@hasclass): cofounder of FundExplorer, a Switzerland based Ruby/Rails consulting and product shop.

We'll also be having other activities (a discussion panel, lunch activities, and workshops) over the weekend -- keep an eye out for announcements on them soon! Speakers for JRubyConf EU will also be announced separately.

Looking forward to seeing you next month in Berlin!