Announcing our first round of speakers

We started planning eurucamp several months ago with the idea to bring people together for a slightly different kind of conference, a camp filled with shared ideas and experiences, as outside the norm as our foresty lakeside venue is outside the normal city center. (There's a whole 'nother blog post coming on that.) We've been very excited to see the camp grow, becoming a detailed and organized event, and we're excited to share with you a big part of that: our first round of speakers.

We received over thirty-five proposals, and (after much electronic discussion) all met after long, beautiful Berlin summer evening spent with the talk ideas and some delicious Italian food. The proposals were uniformly excellent, and it was a difficult task to choose from among them -- honestly, all of us would've loved to hear every single talk if the conference timing allowed -- but in the end we've put together what we hope you'll find an exciting and interesting lineup.

So without further ado, our initial speaker lineup (in alpha order), including invited speakers:

  • Erik Michaels-Ober (@sferik): creator of RailsAdmin, maintainer of OmniAuth and other and open-source Ruby apps, Summer of Code mentor.
  • James Coglan (@jcoglan): a programmer at Songkick, contributor to several open-source Ruby and JS projects, including the popular messaging system Faye.
  • Konstantin Haase (@konstantinhaase): Berry Sparkle Lord at Travis CI, Ruby hero, and maintainer of Sinatra.
  • Laurent Sansonetti (@lrz): the founder of HipByte, creator of RubyMotion and MacRuby, and formerly a long-time senior software engineer at Apple.
  • Nick Sutterer (@apotonick): creator of the Cells and Apotomo projects and proud member of the open-source community.
  • Srdan Kvrgic (@srdan): backend architect at Burt with an MSc in Computer Engineering and solid JRuby expertise.
  • Steve Klabnik (@steveklabnik): a Ruby Hero, teacher, and an aspiring digital humanities scholar who maintains both Hackety Hack and Shoes
  • Txus Bach (@txustice): co-founder and lead developer at Codegram, contributor to Rails, RSpec, Rubinius, and creator of TerrorVM and NoScript.

We're making the final decisions for the second round of speakers now, so stay tuned for more announcements next week!